​Drummer 41
The Orchids

In A Word, Faust is a retelling of the Faust story based on the old German puppet play of Doctor Faust by Guido Bonneschky.

The actors can only say one word at a time.

It is published in the Cambridge Literary Review and was  the Connecticut River Valley Poet's Theater (
CRVPT ) 's first theatrical production.  It was also produced for San Francisco's SPT (Small Press Traffic)Poets Theater, at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn and in Cambridge, England.

Drummer 41 takes place in the writer's necropolis .

 Drummer 41 is Samuel Beckett's drummer.  
Does he get ever paid?  
Will he ever get paid?  

He doesn't know.  Not knowing you are dead can lead to cognitive fog.  One thing he does know  is that his job is not the plum gig they told him it was.
The Orchids is the story of Iris and Lief.  Two people who have each lost something essential to them.  

This play is about overcoming sexual violence. The subject matter is dark but it is a comedy. 
Trigger warning.